Any novelty needs some time to win the minds of customers and become a traditional tool for experts. Currently, there is a certain popular media package in Latvia, namely, TV+ something else (printed media, radio, an outdoor carrier).  Advertisers are happy with the situation when their ad is listed No 8 in the list of 20. According to IMB & OMD Metrics, it was enough to demonstrate a commercial thrice in the USA in 1965 to induce customers aged 18 to 49 to buy the product. As of today, a commercial must be repeated 117 times on prime time to achieve the same result.  According to POPAI (The Global Association for Marketing at-Retail) 75% decisions to buy are made at sales point, whereas 35% housewives do not even go shopping in the next 24 hours after watching a TV commercial.

In-Store TV offers a more flexible, responsive and cost-efficient customer attraction way than ‘good old’ television.

High supermarket attendance rate

The partners of Market Media are major shopping centres situated in densely populated residential areas of the city or in the vicinity, which are attended 2-3 times a week in order to make a big purchase or for the purpose of general shopping. People go shopping all the year round irrespective of weather conditions. In-Store TV advertising is unique in terms of demonstration at certain time intervals according to exact shopping hours favoured by particular layers of population: in the morning – for senior customers, in the daytime – for students and housewives, in the evening - for employees, and, finally, at night - for senior managers and executives.

Maximum attention to displayed commercials

A high broadcasting rate exceeding 150 demonstrations of 30 per day coupled with audio information guarantee maximum attention to the commercial on the part of supermarket customers.

Cost-effective placement

Video commercial placement costs at malls are much cheaper than those of television commercials and are comparable to a single radio station or a single billboard.

Fast and prompt service

The nature of In-Store television provides for immediate response to an order of the advertiser and corrections in the message as well as short commercial production periods. A received video commercial may be displayed at the mall equipped with Market Media displays in 24 hour upon its receipt.

Minimum legislative restrictions

Advertisement of particular categories of goods, i.e. alcohol, tobacco and gambling, is not restricted at sales points.

Display placement

Displays are located in 7 strategic crowding key points of shopping centres, namely, the food court, the primary tenant (Rimi and Prisma supermarkets), exits/ entrances, escalators, info centers, rest zones and in walk galleries. Thus, a greater number of customers attending the mall for various purposes are included.

No channel skipping

Customers walking in the shopping centres, lining up or spending their time in food courts have no alternative channel to switch to as it occurs with television or radio, where channel skipping has become a habitual action once a commercial block has started.

Low-pressure advertising

A video commercial does not interrupt a movie or a thrilling program, which does not cause irritation with customers. Entertaining information attracts customers, who are lining up at the check-out zone. Moreover, the audience is more ad-receptive in contrast to TV viewers or pedestrians.

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