Technical specification of video

Clips of ~15 seconds are the most suited in attaining a maximum effect. They should always include the following:

  • short, bright, stright idea or message;
  • product uniquness and/or value signs (USP)
  • 5-15 sec length is the best lenghth for a clip
Video files of these types are accepted:
  • File format: .AVI (FOURCC: DIVX, XVID, PCM, MP3), .MPG (MPEG2, PCM, MP3)
  • Video: 25 fps, resolution: at least 800x600px, aspect ratio: 16:9.
  • Audio: 41 or 48KHz, Stereo, Normalized -6db.
  • Sound must be compressed using brick-wall compressor/limiter to -6db which ensures best perception.
Uupload your compresed videos here:


Internet Explorer:  Page >> Open FTP Site in IE
Firefox:  require addon FireFTP

Username: market
Password: media

If neccessary, we offer adaptation of the clips at very considerable rates. See our Offers & Prices.


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