About Us

Thousands of square kilometres across the world are covered with various ads, whereas radio or TV commercial quoting has become a commonplace. It may seem that all possible advertising technologies have been invented yet. But…

September 2004 marked the opening of Indoor Media Television, a unique information media channel of Market Media Company on the Latvian media market, same media which efficiently operates in Great Britain, the USA, Nordic countries and elsewhere. Market Media monitors can currently be seen at Alfa, Galerija Centrs, Mols, Domina Shopping, Dole, Barona Centrs, Minska in Riga, Solo in Daugavpils, Valleta in Valmiera and Kurzeme in Liepaja.

Our primary task is to establish universal communication with shop customers at those spots, where they are emotionally receptive to miscellaneous ad information about goods and services, namely, at shopping centres and supermarkets. This media channel helps customers always stay alert of the latest news and additions to the assortment of goods as well as make the right choice in the myriad of goods, while spending minimum of their precious time.

We offer the opportunity for advertisers to address the supermarket audience both to improve the image of their products or services and support sales campaigns at retail points. We do not mean that a customer while shopping will run for the product to the shop. What we are trying to say is that the next time when the customer goes shopping, he/she will recall hearing or watching about the advantages of this product on the monitor and buy it if the moment is opportune.

However, the use of the Market Media system is created not only for commercial use. Weather forecasts, exact time exposition, news line, concert and movie announcements – is part of complex quality service offered by Market Media.



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